Three summers building research experiences and international professional networks in sustainability sciences.



The Global Sustainability Scholars program brings together talented undergraduates for a paid three-summer immersive experience, where students travel abroad, conduct research and build their professional network in real world sustainability issues.  

Each year we select  7-10  undergraduates from participating countries, to join a GSS cohort and the larger international sustainability solutions community. Each cohort of scholars will focus their training  and research experience on a theme with in Sustainability.  The 2019 cohort will focus on the Food, Energy and Water Nexus. We anticipate that the next cohort will focus on Ocean Sustainability. 



Traveling Classroom

6 weeks (June 24 - August 2) to explore research opportunities, policy options and potential solutions to critical sustainability challenges within the context of three different countries (i.e. countries within Africa, Europe, and North America). Scholars, who travel as a group, will network with professionals and organizations, build a peer network, and learn how to do trans-disciplinary knowledge generation. Scholars are paid $550 week for their participation and all travel and accommodation covered by the GSS program.



Sustain+Ability Teams

8 weeks in team internships working with a Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action (CRA) team, focused on the Food Energy Water Nexus. Scholars will come together as a cohort, then leave on a 7-week team internship working in-depth with different Belmont Forum CRA research teams around the world. Scholars are paid $600 week for their participation and all travel and accommodation covered by the GSS program.



Sustain+Ability Apprenticeships

8 weeks working on independent capstone projects embedded with a Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action trans-disciplinary research team. Each scholar’s capstone will be completed in close collaboration with a Belmont Forum CRA research team lead. Scholars are paid $650 week for their participation and all travel and accommodation covered by the GSS program.


Potential Projects You Might Work On



Applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing academically and working toward their first undergraduate degree in sustainability sciences or related.

Students must be in their second year of study (sophomore). Students applying through the U.S. office at CU Boulder must be U.S. citizens and have the proper legal documentation to travel abroad (passport).

George Mason University Applications Accepted: January 1- February 28, 2019


"As globalization continues to expand and we become increasingly interconnected, it is imperative that we find common ground in our shared values. As a new face to the environmental field I strive to provide a platform for underrepresented voices to join this conversation."

–José Ochoa, University of Washington

Support our students! All donations directly support Global Sustainability Scholars and Fellows. Successful global sustainability solutions are inclusive, involving a diversity of stakeholders and incorporating multiple values. Our program does just that, brings in the voices and perspectives across borders and cultures, trains them in doing trans-disciplinary research and builds their international professional network.